GomiZero.ART|Late bloomer【大器晩成】

Hello, this is Chiyoko.This is Gomi Zero.ART in September.Take a picture of the recycled items in your house, present your memories, and have fun practicing Zero Waste. The English version introduces Japanese proverbs. Taiki Bansei たいき-ばんせい【大器晩成】 Taiki 大器→偉大な器を持つ人Bansei 晩成→多くの時間を費やして成就すること Example・A man of great ability・A person with great dexterity・generous-hearted・big-hearted It takes a long time to complete aContinue reading “GomiZero.ART|Late bloomer【大器晩成】”

GomiZero.ART|August 2020

Hello, this is Chiyoko. English at GomiZero.ART is a Japanese saying! Japanese proverb:瑠璃も玻璃も照らせば光るrurimoharimoterasebahikaru 江戸いろはかるた/edoirohakarutaKaruta made in the Edo period.It is a picture card that you can play indoors with an initial of tanka (短歌) and the daily teaching, Kyokun.(教訓) Ruri is a jewel of blue glass.Hari represents a crystal ball.Both are precious gems.It is aContinue reading “GomiZero.ART|August 2020”

GomiZero.ART | July 2020

日本語ZeroWaste.ART was held in July.We would like to introduce the photos you sent us. Angelic Mexican walking fish This is a photo of Mexican walking fish from Iko-san of IKosFactory! Iko-sanWe had a surprise present last July 7th Tanabata.The name is Kuro-chan and Kin-chan. Kin-chan often doesn’t move.When you feed him, you suck on Kuro-chan’sContinue reading “GomiZero.ART | July 2020”

News|Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) in Tsushima sea:Story of KOMIYA SILVER

日本語This is an interview article on “Unihotaru” by Sho Komiya, who runs the silver accessory studio “KOMIYA SILVER” in Tsushima. ChiyokoI met Mr. Komiya for the first time at a guesthouse “Honyaranoie 47 prefectures online trip” held in GW in 2020 in Gifu. After that, I was in charge of the theme of “Zero Waste”Continue reading “News|Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) in Tsushima sea:Story of KOMIYA SILVER”

News|「Omamori」Mother’s handmade bag:Story of singer Isami Kawamura

日本語In July, I introduced the photos on ZeroWatse.ART. This is an individual interview. Singer Isami Kawamura introduced by Tsurumi-san who participated in June.「Edo Tokyo vegetables connection.The salmon song is also wonderful.We also hold events to support and support children. Listen to his song.」 KawamurasanIt is a handmade bag for my mother.Now, I’m using it asContinue reading “News|「Omamori」Mother’s handmade bag:Story of singer Isami Kawamura”

News|Online Itamizaka Reading Party 【Theme: Travel】

日本語“Online Itamizaka Reading Party,” which has been participating once a month since April.The theme for June was “Travel”!Speaking of travel! I introduced this book as a hot spring sommelier. “Onsen disqualification” Reiji Iizuka’s book! Reiji Iizuka is the former editor of “Travel Yomiuri”. Hot spring sommelier ambassadors, travel writers, photographers, hot spring writers, hot springContinue reading “News|Online Itamizaka Reading Party 【Theme: Travel】”

News|I moved online!

It was published!→【Home learning】 Your world can be expanded because it is online *日本語*Would you like to move online, too? [Connection with JOBHUB]Last year, I participated in the Social Business Entrepreneurship School at Start Up Hub Tokyo in Marunouchi.So I made friends with someone who worked for Pasona.My friend introduced me to Travle Hub Mix.LastContinue reading “News|I moved online!”

GomiZero.ART | June 2020

日本語Thank you, Google Translate!Hello! I’m Chiyoko, the organizer of ZeroWaste.ART.ZeroWaste.ART was held on Friday, June 26th.We would like to introduce the photos you sent us. Big bear and duck picture book that mom and daughter love. Iko-san:Kuma-chan that Santa gave me when my daughter was 2 years old.My daughter was sitting on Kuma-chan, lying down withContinue reading “GomiZero.ART | June 2020”

GomiZero.ART | Information

日本語版 💛Thank you, Google Translate! Take pictures, post, announce, and share your memories.It’s an art online workshop. Articles: July 2020 English / Japanese June 2020 English / Japanese Theme: “Zero Waste / Gomi Zero“. Your favorite recycled items at homeLet’s take a pretty, cool, and beautiful shot! Why don’t you try to create something new by combining the things you throw away?TakeContinue reading “GomiZero.ART | Information”

News|Japanese club activities (にほんごサークル)

🙂Japanese club activities 🇯🇵What do we do?1st of learning by doing about Japanese language online.I answer about everyone’s interest.Foods, Culture, Lifestyle, etc.And I will talk about Japanese language from the interest of everyone. 🇯🇵When do we do?Please post each at a convenient time.I also post at least twice a week. 🇯🇵The members we want.Anyone interestedContinue reading “News|Japanese club activities (にほんごサークル)”

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