Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: September 2020 (How are you?)

I hosted Instameet in September.
Of course, I talked to the participants online again this time on Zoom.

2020 will end in three months.
I had a lot of experience in Corona.
This month’s theme is “How are you?”
Please tell us about your recent situation with photos and messages.

9月のインスタミートのホストをしました。2020年は3ヶ月で終わります。コロナで皆さん、初めての経験を沢山されたと思います。今月のテーマは「あなたの今を教えて」。英語だと「How are you?」なんですね!最近の近況、楽しかったこと、発見したことなど、写真とメッセージでInstagramやFacebookグループでポストしてください。


Quote of the day
[I can’t believe it 💗] [It doesn’t make sense]

Recent events of all participants
・ Mica will be 1 year old next month! Early 💗
Talk about baby sign
・ Hai’s origami
・ Takuya went to Hokkaido
・ Momose SL and sunset

・マイカちゃん、来月一歳ですっ!早い💗・ベビーサイン(言語関係なく一緒なので、日本でも広がるといいと思う!)・ハイさん 折り紙
・たくやさん 北海道行った・ももせさん SLと夕陽


・ Andy takes pictures of fireworks and cherry blossoms
・ Saki’s cat
・ Maria’s dog
・ Twice a year, the US and Australia are one hour faster
We talked about the recent situation.
Thank you for a good time online!


Thank you to Jessica for chatting with us translating Japanese into English.
Thanks to Andy and Saki for translating English into Japanese.
Enjoyed the Zoom conversation until 15:30.

Chiyoko, how are you?

❶極楽湯・羽生店 Gokurakuyu Hanyu store

People in Tokyo can now travel to other prefectures. (GoToTravel campaign)
I became a hot spring Biz Ambassador.

I went to Saitama’s hot spring, Gokurakuyu Hanyu store.
Hot spring for the first time in half a year!

There, comedian “Yorokonde Takano” was selling ginseng!
Lucky to have a photo taken 🐽💗
The hot spring was also good ♨♨♨

写真撮ってもらってラッキー🐽💗 温泉も良かったよ♨♨♨

❷牧野記念庭園 Makino kinen teien

I recently went to the Makino Memorial Garden & Museum.(牧野記念庭園/Makino kinen teien)
The cluster amaryllis has begun to bloom.

It’s hard to shoot flowers!


IMCJP_Howareyou #IMCJP

みんな、ありがとう!Thank you🙂📷💖👍


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