GomiZero.ART|Late bloomer【大器晩成】

Hello, this is Chiyoko.
This is Gomi Zero.ART in September.
Take a picture of the recycled items in your house, present your memories, and have fun practicing Zero Waste.

The English version introduces Japanese proverbs.

Taiki Bansei たいき-ばんせい【大器晩成】

Taiki 大器→偉大な器を持つ人
Bansei 晩成→多くの時間を費やして成就すること

・A man of great ability
・A person with great dexterity

It takes a long time to complete a large vessel.
It takes a long time for a great person to become a true success.

大器晩成→ Late bloomer
Late bloomer=遅く花が咲く=大器晩成

Thank you very much! I used it as a reference.

Benkei shellfish pendant.

Chiyoko’s favorite item “KABOO pendant”.
If you’ve ever met me, you’ve probably seen it.
This is because it is a pendant that is always worn on the chest.

In July 2012, I went to a hot spring in Tateyama, Chiba. During the summer vacation, there was a work experience using shellfish for children.

I chose “Benkei shellfish” and drew a picture of KABOO. Have the shop carve it, polish it with a file, and complete it through a string ♬

The work of shellfish is “to save lives”
Among them, Benkei shellfish is a symbol of protection that keeps watching over the owner’s life.

It is called “Traveler’s Amulet” and “Late bloomer Amulet”.

Benkei shellfish has a legend that is likened to “Benkei who gave his life as a companion to Yoshitsune” that appears in Japanese history.

If this shell breaks on your behalf, return it to the sea.
Because it will wash away the source of your worldly sorrow.

In Japan, the number of Benkei shellfish is decreasing and it is rarely seen.

I’ve been wearing it on my chest every day since 2012 when I go out.
At first, KABOO was a character representing my husband.

Therefore, it was often said.
“I’m always with my husband.” “You’re protected by your husband.”
That’s right.

When my mother said, “It’s shiny and looks like a gold medal,” I was happy and cried!

We will continue to cherish the KABOO Benkei shellfish pendant.

Take good care of things. Take good care of your life. See you next month!

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