Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP:August 2020(Afternoon Walk)

Instameet in August starts with a meeting with zoom!

I heard everyone’s walk course.
Unexpectedly everyone was walking!
There was a participant who showed me a video taken on YouTube while riding a bicycle.
Some participants showed us live video from the park, playground and river.
A person who is supported by a parasol from a distance. Voice of cicada. The sound of drums playing under the bridge. River flow, blue sky. Mask and ice cream. Was fresh.

International marriage.Lockdown story. Pizza and donuts. Japanese food. After lunch, Zoom ended.

13:49 Shiki City, Saitama Prefecture

15:33 Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture

15:35 HanayunoMori

16:00 Footbath KannonAshiyu

15 minutes Take an Instagram story.  I don’t walk.
Chiyo Danna drove for 3 hours and took me to a footbath.

15:15 KABOO walked a lot! I explored with KABOO!

16:19 Light up

16:55 Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture

18:16 Steak Miya Kawagoe branch

#IMCJP_AfternoonWalk  #IMCJP

みんな、ありがとう!Thank you🙂📷💖👍

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いいね!創造村【iine! Creators Colony】International Ideas for New Experience!/信越!コワーキングスペース【CAH】Coworking At Homeでオンラインを活用した在宅ワークのスキルシェアと学習支援で「ひとりを大切に」場所にとらわれない活動を実践中。

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