GomiZero.ART|August 2020

Hello, this is Chiyoko. English at GomiZero.ART is a Japanese saying!

Japanese proverb:

Karuta made in the Edo period.
It is a picture card that you can play indoors with an initial of tanka (短歌) and the daily teaching, Kyokun.(教訓)

Ruri is a jewel of blue glass.
Hari represents a crystal ball.
Both are precious gems.
It is a treasure as it is, but it shines even more when exposed to light.

Talented people stand out no matter where they are.
And it also means that a person can play an active part if given an opportunity.

At GomiZero.ART, Isizukasan introduced “18 years old life-size philosophy”.
For more information, please read here.

The first word, a Japanese saying, came to my mind when I saw this photo.

Ishizukasan tells 18-year-old youth.
・Love knowledge
・What does it mean? Even if it doesn’t make sense
・Learn from your curiosity

Here is my idea.
・Learly learning from curiosity
・No need to regret
・Once you have experience, act. Use it for work!

This is my experience.
I worked in society from the age of 18 and lived alone.
While working, I was devoted to reading, watching movies and DVDs on my days off.

I am interested in the following and pursued the mechanism.
・Why kill people (why are you bullying)
・The reason for suicide
・The reason for getting sick
I read many books, went to the library and watched many DVDs and movies.
From 18 to 29 years spent 11 years money and time.

I was looking for an answer.
I was worried by other people as “funny” and “is it okay?”
I was mediocre and fine, but from many perspectives it was considered dangerous.
I wanted to confirm the existence of [solution] that saves human vulnerability.

The climax changed my life.
My mother got sick and was hospitalized.
This event froze our family.
Only then did I realize I was stupid.

I couldn’t help my family or my mother. My sin that I didn’t listen to my mother and didn’t snuggle up to my mother!
Even if I cry and apologize, I can’t live with my mother anymore.

The answer is “I don’t know.”
You can’t save people.
You don’t have to think about saving people.
I value the loved ones, loved ones, and live in good faith.
That’s it, it was good.
It took me 11 years to notice that.
I’m stupid
But I thank my mother for making me aware.
I love my mother who gave birth and raised me.

I lived the youngest and most shining 11 years to fulfill my inner desire for knowledge.
Was it useless? I have no regrets.
I laugh at me.

What I want to convey to young people.
Take action.
Move as much as you like.
Be sure to learn important things.
Remember the radiance of nature you have.
Learn a lot and act.
There is always someone who needs your light.

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いいね!創造村【iine! Creators Colony】International Ideas for New Experience!/信越!コワーキングスペース【CAH】Coworking At Homeでオンラインを活用した在宅ワークのスキルシェアと学習支援で「ひとりを大切に」場所にとらわれない活動を実践中。

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