Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: July 2020 (Stories)


Instameet in July will be an online event at Zoom!

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kinda like space. 宇宙みたい。

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Participants will talk about episodes about the photos they have taken so far.
There was a part where the special host “Gaku-kun” (5 years old) chose a photo and the participants shared their memories.

He has participated since 5 months, he is 5 years old, and he grows up!
His mother thanked Jessica and Hai.

“Thank you for going out, taking me to many places, meeting so many people, and expanding my world!”

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Sorry about being quiet the past few days. Over the weekend, my husband Hai and I hosted our monthly Instameet. 📷 Usually our Instameets go for around 5 hours, but this month was a super special one because it was our first ever multi-day Instameet! 🙌 For 3 days, 2 nights, we took a group of our #IMCJP community members to Yamanashi and explored the Fuji Five Lakes area as well as Hakone. 🗻 This photo was taken at Yamanakako, which is also known as Swan Lake because of the beautiful (and huge!) swans there. 🌁 As you can see, they aren't afraid of people. Hai and I were happy to see an older gentleman and his dog, whom we met several years ago at the same lake. He goes around at about 8am and 4pm every day feeding the swans, and he's happy to let you feed them too. Warning: He's a talker and will pull out his photo albums. 😂 Photos from the event are slowly coming in as we recover from a big few days. You can check them out at #IMCJP_YamanashiPhotoCamp If you're interested in joining one of our events in Japan, even if you're just passing through on your travels, check out our account for details of upcoming events. You can also message us @notesofnomads for more info! 💬 Have you ever been to Mt Fuji/ the Fuji Five Lakes area? 🗻 #UnknownJapan #fujigoko #fujifivelakes #yamanakako #yamanakalake #swans #passionpassport #igersjp #instagramjapan #inspirationcultmag #art_of_japan_ #lovers_nippon #illGrammers

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I could hear from each participant about the story of climbing Mt. Fuji, the opportunity to start the camera, and the luck of participating in Instameet.
It was a very fun online Instagram!
At the end, Gakkun drew himself a picture and played with it!

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Gackun, Madokasan, Jessicasan, Haisan, participants.
Thank you!

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waiting for the weekend. ようやく週末だ。 #makina670

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みんな、ありがとう!Thank you🙂📷💖👍



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