News|Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) in Tsushima sea:Story of KOMIYA SILVER

This is an interview article on “Unihotaru” by Sho Komiya, who runs the silver accessory studio “KOMIYA SILVER” in Tsushima.

I met Mr. Komiya for the first time at a guesthouse “Honyaranoie 47 prefectures online trip” held in GW in 2020 in Gifu.

After that, I was in charge of the theme of “Zero Waste” on May’s online Instagram. At that time, I received a lot of pictures of drifting objects that flow into the Tsushima Sea.
What made you start KOMIYA SILVER?


I was born and raised in Tsushima. I am renovating the garage in the garden of my parents’ house and using it as a workshop and shop.
After graduating from a local high school, I went to a technician college in Fukuoka to become a dental technician, and had been doing dental technicians in Fukuoka for 5 or 6 years.
Since I was making silver teeth, the technique of the technician era is very useful.

I’ve always loved manufacturing, and as a result of my experience as an engineer and my passion for manufacturing, I naturally started to make silver accessories.
It has been eight years since I returned to Tsushima.
KOMIYA SILVER is in its 7th year.

I was surprised to see the pictures of the wreckage flowing on Tsushima. Did you start with the idea of ​​using this to make something?


To put it simply, let’s make it because it was there at the beginning (^^)

Honestly, silver accessory craftsmen were abundant in the world, and I wanted to make more unique items and mixed them with various materials available locally.
When I met a seagrass accessory writer who moved to Tsushima, I started to go to Isohama to get some seagrass.

However, when I go to the beach many times, the amount of stranded debris is gradually increasing compared to the past.
A sense of crisis began to emerge that marine products are no longer being harvested due to changes in the environment.
I can only make things, but I hope I can get a little interest in sea debris.


What is the store most popular? Is there a hands-on classroom?

Many silver accessories are made to order.
Reservation is required for the workshop of silver accessories, and customers come to the workshop. I have accepted about 6 pairs of wedding rings made together or made in pairs.
The items that are always in the store are very small in quantity and type, so they are sample displays.


This sea Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) urchin lamp is also very beautiful and cute!

Last winter, there was a request from President Yoshino, “I want you to make accessories with Gangaze as a part of product development that utilizes rock burning measures and local resources.”
From there, I started by supporting development funds. Official sales at MIT stores and websites will begin in June of this year.

MIT’s online shop “Sustainable Shop Mitt”
[Background of establishment]
▽Tsushima Ichijima revitalization team OB started a business. Young people, idiots, and strangers who want to create a sustainable lifestyle will move to Tsushima and aim for a half-farming (fishing) half-X lifestyle.
Are you also here?

Well, the main work is Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) production,
We can help you with product shelf production, lighting installation work, and new product development.

Mr. Komiya who made the pedestal is a relative.
The timber store stores a large amount of timber from Tsushima.
As a local woodworker, he is offered lunch boxes, chopsticks and spoons at MIT stores.
I asked him to make a foundation on that edge, and the pedestal of the monopod is made of the zelkova tree of Tsushima.


On a pedestal of zelkova in Tsushima, a lamp is made with sea urchin fireflies that can be caught on the coast of Tsushima.

As a product development that makes use of local resources, it is also a measure against beach scorch.
It’s a wonderful cycle! It’s “Zero Garbage” and “Zero.Waste”!
The sea and the earth are not infinite.
To be honest, I didn’t even know that Tsushima is Nagasaki Prefecture.
Please tell us the charm of Tsushima!

Tsushima is a border island in Nagasaki prefecture, which is close to Fukuoka, and if the weather is nice, you can enjoy Korean buildings and night views.

One of the only two species in Japan, the wild Tsushima lynx, is inhabited,
The types of wild birds you can see in Japan, more than half can be seen only in Tsushima,
There are many flora and fauna unique to Tsushima.

It is also recommended for history lovers, as there are many archaeological sites, military remains, and other materials that are known to have been on the frontier of the border from ancient times to the present day.

Rich in marine resources, it is the second largest landing country in Japan after Hokkaido.
Especially, Confucius is the number one landed in Japan. The seasonal seafood is also excellent.
There are many people who like fishing, and it seems that the spots are attracting attention.

Although it is far from the mainland, it is a treasure island with many hidden things. It’s a boastful island that makes you feel that way. I would be happy if you could come and prepare!

Wow! Don’t stop! It looks like it will continue! Thank you very much!
Finally, please give us a message from “Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp)”, the treasure of Tsushima.


The base is made by carefully carving out the first-grade Tsushima zelkova.
Until now, since it is unnecessary and has poison, we use gangaze, which has been exterminated, as a local resource.
Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp) donates a part of the sales as an expense for measures against rock burning.
Please keep it at hand.
We hope that even if you are a troublesome person, you will be given a new role that you can enjoy it with your own eyes by modifying it.

A new role that can be enjoyed by adding hands. .. ..
Thank you for your new perspective!
The image of sea urchin is delicious, and that of firefly is beautiful.

“Gangaze”, which had been poisoned and destroyed and was thrown away, was reborn as “Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp)” by being used with the zelkova born and raised in Tsushima, and is being used as “reuse of resources.”

Thank you very much for your wonderful activities and works!

Everyone can buy it on the web, so please have a look!

Unihotaru (Gangaze lamp)/MIT’s online shop “Sustainable Shop Mitt”
For more information【】
After posting, it will be UP.


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