News|Online Itamizaka Reading Party 【Theme: Travel】

“Online Itamizaka Reading Party,” which has been participating once a month since April.
The theme for June was “Travel”!
Speaking of travel! I introduced this book as a hot spring sommelier.

“Onsen disqualification” Reiji Iizuka’s book!

Reiji Iizuka is the former editor of “Travel Yomiuri”. Hot spring sommelier ambassadors, travel writers, photographers, hot spring writers, hot spring tourists, instructors certified by the bathing advisors for the elderly, hot spring bathing instructors, sake navigators, etc.

In March 2017, I qualified as an “onsen sommelier” online.
In June of the same year, participated in a hot spring sommelier seminar where you could stay at Kusatsu Onsen for two nights.
At the social gathering, I met Reiji Iizuka, bought a book, and got a signature.
At that time, I didn’t read it, but at the reading party, I heard that the theme was “travel” and tried reading it.

For more information↓↓↓

Participants’ books and impressions

The fun and real pleasure of this online reading party is
・I don’t know who chooses what
・I don’t know what you are talking about
That is.

I myself do not read at all, so I will study every time! I appreciate it.

▶Satoshi Kako, picture book “kawa”
A picture book that makes it fun to find out what is written.
A river setting made from thawed water.
The expression that the river is polluted is gone.
The times when girls and boys had hairstyle drawings.

▶プロ野球と鉄道 田中正恭
Professional baseball has changed dramatically with the opening of the Shinkansen.
In the old days, many teams had railroads.
The history of traveling by night train at that time is also written.

▶JR私鉄全線乗りつぶし地図帳 JTBムック
A mook book published by JTB.
The map and the station name are written on the blank map, and the colors get wet when you conquer.
I’m looking forward to traveling by train such as on a business trip.

▶ときどき旅にでるカフェ 近藤史恵
A short story of delicious sweets I went to study abroad for a month and ate.
If you read to the end, you can see that they are connected.
Is there such food? And something surprising.
I haven’t been able to go out for the last few months.
I can’t go out, but I felt like reading a delicious dessert book and eating it.

▶ドライブイン探訪 橋本倫史
A young author is worried about drive-in and interviews more than 20 places nationwide.
Understand the family story, historical background, and history. I went three times and heard various stories in the third time,
I have carefully researched the materials at the time and posted them carefully.
It’s a mysterious and interesting way of writing that doesn’t express emotions.
(同じ著者:市場界隈 橋本倫史)

▶コンニャク屋漂流記 星野博美
In some areas of Boshu, the family name is the same, so we call each other with a store name.
The shop name is “konjac shop”. Looking at the history of the family,
Originally, from Awa in Kishu, we followed the fish and arrived at Boshu! Katsuura, etc. on the Kii Peninsula. Family history.

I want to travel!

Participants said, “Tabi and Ryoko are different! I want to Tabi(Travel).”

Thinking about it, “Ryoko” has a certain destination and process.
“Tabisuru” is roughly decided, but if you have a purpose and a content freely, and if there is a relationship at that time, it will be connected and spread.

This time, if you introduce the book “Onsen disqualification”
A voice saying “I want to go to a hot spring” and “Do you have a recommended hot spring?”
Was asked.

As a member of the hot spring sommelier, if you can travel, please go on a trip.
If you can go, please come to the hot spring, stretch your limbs, refresh your body and mind, and relax!

Hot springs are the same as gourmet foods.
You won’t know unless you enter the bath ♨.
The hot water is natural from the earth, so it is completely different from time to day, night and day, weather and environment, and it is never the same.

Take care of your bare skin feeling.
I hope you can find one or two hot springs that you like and love.

Going on a trip, onsen, “Thank you”

Meet people and nature (including hot springs) while traveling, and stay healthy with your own family.
And say “Thank you” to yourself! ♨😊

Thank you, Reiji Iizuka, a hot spring sommelier ambassador for this wonderful book!

— 21st July 2020 Chiyoko’s column No.209—–

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