Days.CAM | Nakasendo Yabuhara-juku 2019

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2019 photos taken with Kiso Paintings.
Kiso Paintings is an event where art was held in a vacant house in Kiso Village.


The Nakasendo is a sidewalk maintained from the Edo period to the Meiji period.
About 507.7 km with Tokyo, Saitama, Gunma, Nagano, Gifu, Shiga, Kyoto.

There are mountains, mountain passes, barriers, accommodation, various tourist attractions and history.
It is also famous for foreigners’ walking and hiking tours.

中山道六十九次 Wikipediaより



Yabuharajuku is located in Kiso Village, Nagano Prefecture.
The Kiso River is the source of water for people in Nagoya.


Many travelers start from Torii Pass or Yabuharajuku.


This village is surrounded by picturesque nature.

A village with clean water


Village where God is with us naturally.


How comfortable the sound of water is.

Everyone in the village will clean the river.

There is “beauty” in any nature.

Villages where you can drink water here and there.

The festival is held once a year, and the villagers stake “Mikoshi” in dedication.

At the village hall, “Hotei-sama” made of Kiso hinoki is smiling.


Kiso Village is called “Sunday Painter Village”.
A village with a company that creates a painting campus.
There are many painters who come to this village and are impressed by the quiet and beautiful nature.

Kiso Paintings is an art festival that faces the way sustainable art should be.
2019 was the third time it was held.
Art was exhibited in eight vacant houses and vacant lots.

Artists and students cleaned up in an empty house, cleaned up, and made artworks while living.
The villagers welcomed and warmly supported them.
| 木曽ペインティングス |  アートプロジェクト 地域プロジェクト アートフェスティバル 芸術祭 木曽 長野県持続可能なアートのあり方を地域の課題に向き合いながら模索するアートの祭典「木曽ペインティングス」 アートプロジェクト

Edoshiya (江戸枝屋/えどしや)ART

Edoshiya is a historic house built in the Meiji era.
I inherited this house from Mrs.Keiko, who lives in Tokyo with my grandchildren.

There is a wise man who immediately moved this object.
A child in the village!

His ART.
Every year, his works are exhibited in the illuminated white wall gallery in Tokyo.
He said that it was very inspiring and satisfying to exhibit art in a vacant house without lighting.

Many were surprised to think that there were people in the room.

Look over there!

There was art! Everyone enjoyed.

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江戸枝屋さん 最初暗く感じるのですが目が慣れてくると明るさを感じる。 木曽ペインティングスあと1日。 明日はイベント立てます📷 薮原宿オンラインツアー「木曽ペインティングスさんのイベントのフィナーレをみんなで楽しみましょう!(現地参加も大大大歓迎ですよ)」を立てて最終日を満喫します! 出店なども出ます、お気軽に遊びに来てください😊 ランチ情報 清水屋さん>おじいちゃんおばあちゃんが手打ちでチャーシューも自家製の昔ながらの中華麺&カツ丼が人気🍜 おぎのやさん>伊那の人も食べに行く有名なお蕎麦やさん 笑ん館さん>焼きたてパンとドネーション式のコーヒーで広々カフェタイム☕️可愛いお土産や手作り品も😍 きそむら道の駅>土日10個限定の #すんきWバーガー がオススメです👍 。 。 。 #薮原宿インスタミート #Instameet #インスタミート #撮影会 . #木曽ペインティングス #夜明けの家 #木曽路 #中山道 #薮原宿 #木祖村 . #Kisopaintings #Yoakenoie #Kisoji #Nakasendo #Yabuhara #Kiso . #JapanTravel #JapanTravels #TravelJapan #TripJapan #JapanLover #JapanLife #JP_Views #Nippon #Japan🇯🇵 #Japon . #Artinstagram #Artwork #ArtJapan

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Four artists exhibited their work.
Two of them are college students in art.

A picture drawn with lime left at home.
Old photos of playing at the ski resort were posted on the wall.
Certainly there is a ski resort nearby.
I wonder if Mrs.Keiko’s family played skiing.

Expressing Ontake Sun as seen from the car window in a cloth painting.
It feels like it sways in the wind, and it feels strange.

This little piece of art in another house is also her art.

An art work with a smile.
A large painting in the garden.
I am not the only one who felt the history of this house and the story of the family from this painting!
be moved!

His art work.
An art college student who is also a singer.

Flowers were displayed during the exhibition.
A little compassion made me very happy.
Thanks to all the artists for their wonderful work!


Mrs.Keiko went from Ina to the bride.
She lived with grandpa, grandma, husband and children.
She told me her memories.
I washed it in the river water.
It’s cold in the morning so it freezes quickly. My hands hurt.

Many craftsmen stayed at the dam construction.
Kisogawa was always close to the villagers’ lives.

A village visited by painters who enjoy art only on Sundays.
It’s not just Sunday anymore.
We are with art every day.
The water of the Kiso River will tell you.

All of the people I met at Kiso Paintings.
And Mrs. Keiko.Mrs. Keiko’s family.

Thank you for a wonderful time!
was fun!









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